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Nude sexy fitball. Flexible girl doing explicit exercises and masturbating.
20 y.o. Alexa; 22 min / 245 mb.

nude fitball
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When you are as naughty and young as Alexa, you don't stop searching for the new ways of having fun, esp. if you are fed up with parties, sex and twittering. Nude fitness on a big glamour Swiss ball? Why not? Dressed only in the stripy high socks, this leggy babe warms up to prepare her body for safe stretching and backbending on the fitball.

Finally, the young nude gymnast is ready to perform some hard stretches on the fit ball, and she does them perfectly. Of course, nude pussy rubbing against the ball excites Alexa so much that she can't control her hand and starts masturbating right before the cams. No party is as mind-blowing as naked fitness and after-sports orgasm!

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