Nude and flexible Catherine

Slim brunette nude fitball and fitness.

24 y.o. Nastya. The full size video is inside the members' area: 20 min /HD quality.

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More yoga and fitball gymnastics!

If only Nastya could do exercises for all day long, she would do it. But unluckily this flexible girl with small tits works too hard in office to spend all day on stretching and jumping. However, this clever gymnast has found a way to get a maximum from 20 min training at gym - she mixes fitness and yoga and spices it up with masturbation on the exercise machine!

Right after tanning in the sun-parlor, the slim babe goes to the gym, where her favorite fitball for belly and back stretches is waiting for her. As soon as her abs and back muscles are stretched enough, the nude sport babe gets down to yoga - watch Nastya do the cat-cow, cobra and hamstring-buttocks bridge. And she has got a few minutes for pussy rubbing!

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